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Insider information about the dance of romance, the unspoken rules of the game, and how to win at romance.

“How My Radical Dating Method Can Have You *Drowning* in Dates in Two to Five Weeks … Guaranteed!”

Even If You’ve Never Had Success Before!

HowtoFindLove-CoverImage-revABecause you couldn’t be worse than I was. All through high school, all through college, then out into the world, I was the world’s worst Romeo.

Clumsy. Two left feet. Terrified. If I wanted to introduce myself to a woman, I froze. If somebody introduced me, I stuttered and said dumb things. My few dates happened by accident.

I was lonely.

Other parts of my life went OK. But when it came to romance I was terrible, incompetent.

I was scared. I felt doomed.

Out of the Blue …

One day I was drinking coffee, in a glum mood, because I’d just that minute realized something awful – I’d just realized I knew absolutely nothing about how to meet women. I knew nothing about how to set up dates.

This was the first time I’d actually thought about it. I realized I didn’t have a clue. And that was weird, because I had actually learned a lot of things in my life so far … so how come I’d never learned how to meet women?

And then, just as as I raised my coffee to my lips, I had a sudden brainstorm.

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