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Get Endless New Clients

BookImage-EndlessNewClients-TAS-3D-312x350-wShadow-revAThe death of a dream … and awakening …

How many men and women awoke one day with a bright dream, a dream of their own business, something they could pour their heart and soul into, something they could trust, and bring something good to the world. And how it might grow, and the warm sensation of pride deep inside, and a hope that someday, a legacy, something to change the world, if only a little.

But slowly, the dream twisted and darkening into something ominous, deepening into worry and pain, unhappy visions of something lost, grinding down the days. You’re expert at your business, so why these endless days of alarm and trouble, sleepless nights, and where did the dream go?

Perhaps you are one of them, ground into a morass of too-much work and too-little fun, and the sunshine vanished in the mist of what might have been. Struggling with cash, emergencies, and no time to think about increasing sales, more customers, if only …

Good news. At last, help has arrived, and you can remedy the slow drain, escape the struggle. Because fellow business-owner Arthur Cronos, the author of “Get Endless New Clients” is as expert at his business as you are at yours. And his business … is marketing.

That’s important, for when a business struggles, it’s rarely a lack of expertise. Because most entrepreneurs are brilliant at their core technology. They regularly produce excellence. But nearly all have one devastating weakness … weak marketing.

And that’s because the learning curve of marketing is as steep as everything you mastered to learn your business. Few humans master both, and there’s no time. The answer? Follow Arthur’s method to build your own Automatic Selling System.

You no longer need neglect your business to invest thousands of hours struggling to master. Instead simply follow the step-by-step analysis and guidance given in this book. With this inside information, never published before, create and install an Automatic Selling System, a “Sales Engine,” custom-designed for your specific business, to ensure Reliable Cash Flow, month after month.

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Marketing Online, Clear and Simple

Most business owners know they should “get on the internet,” but most business owners never, ever figure it out, due to the struggles of wading through the alligators of daily operations. And because simply “getting a website” usually doesn’t make you a dime.It has to be the *right* kind of website, and there are two additional critical steps required: to engage visitors into a conversation, and to create a steady flow of visitors to that website. And the average “web designer” has no clue how this is done.

MktgOnline-3Dimage-320-x320But now, the author — whose business *is* online marketing, and who has 40 years of experience running local businesses as well — lays out the secret formula developed by CopyDragon webwriters that catapults their private clients to the top of Google, and creates online automatic money-machines that earn dividends for local businesses.

A complete video series is included as a bonus, to demonstrate click by click and step by step just what works and how to work it.

If you’ve been wanting to tap into the power you know awaits you in the cyber universe, at last, here’s the pathway laid out, clear and simple.

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Easy to follow, detailed, step-by-step videos illustrating how to use the simple “Three-Step Marketing” formula to create more income from the Internet.


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