Our Publishing Services

We currently a variety of writing, editing, and publication services. These can be customized to your needs, so consider calling us for a Discovery Session to determine how we might best advance your project.

Writing Services

In many subjects, we can author or otherwise create an entire book, which would be published in your name. Pricing and availability depend upon the subject, and timing of your project.

The Ultimate Business Card

If you are a consultant, a coach, a therapist, a speaker, or engaged in any occupation where your status and perceived authority enhances your effectiveness and your income, there is nothing which better enhances your authority than to be the author of a printed book.

As a “business card,” when you hand somebody a copy of a professional, printed book, with your name on the cover, you immediately outstrip all your competitors.

We can use a simple interview-and-edit process to create your book from start to finish, including publication on Amazon.com for enhanced reputation, and deliver any number of printed copies to you for promotion, back-of-the-room book table sales, or as textbooks for training classes.

The Raging E-Reader Market, and Kindle Editions

We can transform your book into the fast-growing Kindle e-reader format, to increase your saturation into the market. As of March 2010, Amazon stated that for every hardback book they sold, they sold 1.15 Kindle editions. It’s the fastest-growing segment of the publishing market, and you can ride the wave.

We have proprietary processes to create the required formats for Kindle, we can create professional and eye-catching covers for your book, and we can operate behind-the-scenes promotional methods to catapult your book up in popularity and sales.

Booksites and Book Sales

Another powerful promotional approach is to use a dedicated “book site” to promote your book, and on that site you can sell electronic-download copies, or printed copies, with the shopping cart and download process completely automated.

On your own book site, you can sell electronic copies with *zero* cost, for a greater return per book, and you can sell printed copies with a larger royalty than you get on Amazon, and with all the printing, production, and shipping still handled for you all completely automatically. We’ll show you how to design the marketing, and we’ll do the complete job for you. We can even host the book site on our own servers, with automatic backups, updates, and strong security.

A Promotional Machine

On your book site, or as a page on your existing website, we can set up an automated email-capture system, all automated, and complying with all spam and opt-in laws, to create a growing list of your fans to receive additional communications from you to enhance your reputation and increase back-end sales for your other books, products, services, and seminars.

Complete Array of Online-Marketing Services

Our principal, Arthur Cronos, is the author of “Marketing Online, Clear and Simple,” and with a commercial writing experience spanning 40 years, he’s provided marketing design services in many industries, from direct-mail campaigns to over 20o websites built, and is familiar with a wide array of effective marketing methods. So … let’s talk.

Contact us today to discuss your project.

Let’s see what we can do to make you famous.