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We’ll be happy to guide you through the process, with a marketing viewpoint to ensure the best result. With a wide range of marketing, editing, and publishing experience, we’ll help you reach hundreds of thousands of potential readers both local and around the world. We make publishing for the first time … easy.

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With a variety of resources, your book can reach out to the world in classic black and white or crisp full-color, in paperback, hardback, or electronic formats. Our services were created by authors for authors, and you’ll be using the same systems we’ve used for publishing our own in-house books, CD’s and videos.

We have the experience and skillsets of years of writing, printing, publishing and internet  marketing over many decades.

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Although you can hire us to handle your entire publicity campaign, it will rapidly advance your cause to understand how marketing in today’s world works best … and that often includes marketing online.

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